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About CPU


Parents and Students,

Welcome to CPU! Where great minds grow!

The Canadian International Matriculation is a kindergarten to Grade 12secondary school program also known as the Canadian Pre-University Diploma (CPU). Students achieve the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), upon successful completion of the program through its upgraded curriculum.

A gold standard qualification, PISA ranked and awarded by the Ministry of Education Ontario Canada opens doors to Universities world over.

At CPU, the enrolment and certification obtained from the Ontario Ministry of Education in agreement with the legal constraints formed by the Education Act ensures the parents and students-

  • Command over the curriculums of study
  • Manage the quality of education
  • Evaluation of the achievement of the student
  • Acknowledgement of the process regarding reporting to parents
  • Compliance with the assessment and estimation policy

CPU Program

Creating A Community of Life-Long Learners

The CPU program is intended to help students pursue higher education and assists aspirants in obtaining the essential academic credits for University entry.

What is the motto of the CPU Programs?

To successively bridge the disparity between the preliminary skills of individuals and their career-path work.

How CPU makes your journey swifter towards higher education?
  • Students from any school between their grades K-12 opt to join the CPU with varied prior learning qualifications.
  • Pass or fail or insufficient credits for University entry, here is your second option to a gold standard qualification.
  • The CPU program allows for students to top up their credits and apply for University entrances worldwide.
  • Students gain direct acceptance into Canadian Universities and may not need IELTS (subject to partner university alliance acceptance requirements).
  • The CPU program assessment structure is application 70% assignment + 30% final examination.
  • The award is from the Ministry of Education, Ontario Canada.

Unified System of Education


The four core elements of CPU’s services are school administration system, subject matter, course, and its growth and circulation.

To deliver a Unified learning experience at any geographic location, CPU aimed to establish a connection between the teachers and latest technology. For that purpose, CPU works in partnership with the renowned schools, the school administration and very efficient content writers.

The services of CPU are crafted in such a way so that the parents can get the services that satisfy their quench of educating their children in branded schools and that also suited well to their budget.

The consequences of ‘Unified Learning’ and ‘Innovative Education’ not only is beneficial for the parents and students but also to the teachers and the whole fraternity of new and existing educational institutions around the world.

Programme Structure

  • 6 subjects in total, including English
  • 2-3 subjects per semester
  • 70% coursework + 30% final examination
In addition:
  • Complete the Ontario School Secondary Literacy Test (OSSLT)
  • Complete a number of approved hours of Community Service

Entry Requirements : Depend upon current qualification.

Intakes : Ongoing

Examinations : June & December

Programme Level and Subjects

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Grade 12
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Grade 11
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Grade 10
Grade 9 | View Subjects
Grade 9
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Grade 8
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Grade 4
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Grade 2
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CPU Benefits


An International Pre-University Diploma, a gold standard award


Recognized worldwide


Start anytime


No examination resitting


Focus on communication and interactive learning


Flexibility to choose from a wide range of courses


An engaging learning environment with 100% Canadian-certified teachers at Grade 12


Students access the programme online anytime and anywhere


70% online assignment + 30% final examination


Apply knowledge & imagination for a distinguished career