Who we are

who we are

We are not afraid to challenge the status quo. We embrace new methodologies. We are driven by a mission of transforming student lives and shaping the next generation of global professionals. We equip our students for life at university, and beyond.

Our mission – Transforming students' lives

We transform students’ lives by enabling their access to one of the world’s leading universities. Our exceptional staff enhance Monash University's national and international aspirations by:

  • delivering a comprehensive and innovative range of education services
  • extending Monash’s presence in global networks and channels.

Our vision

Our vision is to deliver student centred, quality-led growth.

Our values

Our values are PRIDE – five principles which drive the way we work.

Passion: We love our work and we believe what we do makes a difference.

Responsive: We respond rather than react to challenges, we can adapt to change.

Innovative: We embrace different approaches and dare to try new things.

Diversity: We work in an open-minded, safe and inclusive atmosphere for all.

Engagement: We value the contribution of every team member as we work towards shared goals.

Our goals

Our strategic goals help us to achieve our missions:

  • Teaching Excellence - to deliver a world-class education for our students.
  • Getting students jobs - underpins the value we all offer to students.
  • Diversity - building international footprint by expanding our program.
  • New Futures - our cultural, technological and physical journey to 2021 and beyond.